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join in the chat and make new friends

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What you can find in our Discord server.

Friendly welcoming people from multiple locations around the world.

Other gamers from games like Rockstars Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Mircosofts Forza Horizon 4,

Clash of Clans, Army Men Strike and many more, just come and ask us.

Why should you join our discord.

Break out of your comfort zone of only talking and playing with the people you know in real life.

Step up and join with the chat bot games and conversations while expressing your opinions freely.

List of our chat bots

  • Casino Bot – Contains Roulette and One Armed Bandit, No real money earned from this bot!
  • Countdown Bot – Bot gives you a target and numbers that must be used to try calculate the target.
  • Darts – Throw darts and earn a title. 2 player vs game.
  • Mafia Bot – Try to find the killers before you get killed! Best played with many people, can be played alone.
  • Mining Bot – Ever fancied yourself being a miner? Nows your chance to strike it rich with our Mining bot!
  • Music Bot – Join the music voice channel and listen to your favourite music or ask others to come contribute to the playlist.
  • Roleplay Bot – Roleplay as a wizard, witch, zombie, werewolf or vampire but dont upset the Hybrids they will seal your fate!
  • Sarah – Annoying chat bot, she will reply to most of your comments. Not perfect but she does have attitude.
  • Space Mining – Perfect for fleeting space fans! Start your space federation here today with our Space mining bot!
  • Utility Bot – General administration of the server. Also holds some vitial information that people should know!