Discord Bots

So, as you may have seen by being a member of our Discord server, we have a small list of bots. I am going to try and explain a few of them the best I can. Before I start, it is best to disclose that we are in no way affiliated with Discord.

Space Mining

Currently this bot is a little more detailed than others, so I will keep it as simple as possible. The idea behind the bot is to search for your own locations to gather materials from. To start you will need to create your company by typing “space create [enter company name]”. After that, you can search for locations to mine from. To do this, you need to use “space search” to search for a planet, moon or comet. Once you have the name of this, you will need to use “space explore xxxx-x” replacing the xxxx-x with the numbers of your planet. This will send a small ship to investigate and give you a rough idea of what minerals and how much of them exist there to be mined. Finally, the last part to this bot is to mine the resources from your location. We do this by using “space mine xxxx-x”. Note: you can send more than one ship if you have more by sending “space mine xxxx-x, y” replacing y with a number.
Other useful commands:
  • space discovered – Shows all the locations currently found.
  • space information – You can add after information: fleet ID, Ship ID, Location ID. It will reveal relevant information about that item.
  • space sell all – To sell all your mined minerals, this will not sell extremely rare minerals! You will need to sell to keep progressing until you pass a certain point.
  • space store – Lists all your possible purchases.
  • space upgrades – Upgrades for your ships.
  • space upgrade all – Upgrades all your ships at the same time.

Mining Bot

This bot is a lot easier than its newer more advanced sister, Space mining. Commands “mine” or “mine x”, where x is pickaxe amount, will let you mine a mineral. Once you have purchased or found TNT, “mine tnt” will let you blow up some minerals and possibly gain a larger amount. In order to unlock the purchase of a Gas Well, you must first have discovered gas when mining.
Other useful commands:
  • mine store – A store full of goodies to buy.
  • mine sell all – Sell all your minerals (as far as I know it sells them all)

Mafia Bot

This bot is based of a classic Russian role play game called Mafia. Our version of the game consists of 1 killer, 1 doctor, 1 officer and 5 townsmen. The game is made for 8 players currently but if not enough people join or a player becomes inactive, AI will fill the spot. To join or start a game, use “mafia join” or “mafia start”. This game is timed so the game will move along so that others are not waiting too long. The roles killer, doctor and officer will have an additional task messaged to them in a private message via the Mafia bot. There you will be instructed to choose who to kill, save or inspect, respectively. You will use the numbers 1 through 8 to make your selections and you may change selection until the round ends. During the main phase of the game, you will accuse someone of being the killer in the Mafia channel. If the players’ votes is 50% or more, then the person accused will be killed by the townsmen, unless the killer chose to kill the same person. If you die in an earlier round and the killer is killed later so the townsmen win, you will not be awarded a win. The aim is survive to win. As you win more games, you unlock different weapons to use when you are the killer.

Other useful commands:

  • Mafia help – Shows a list of commands relating to Mafia
  • Mafia quit – To leave a game that you joined, only works if the game has not started
  • Mafia stats – Displays the stats for your wins and losses as a killer vs. townsmen
  • Mafia next weapon – Tells you the amount of wins for you to unlock the next weapon and which weapon that is
  • Mafia weapons – Displays all weapon possibilities, required amounts of wins to unlock, and if you have obtained them. There are multiple pages so you can type “Mafia weapons 2”, “Mafia weapons 3”, etc.


Countdown is a numbers game. To play use command “countdown”. You will be given a target number and 6 numbers to use. To play you will type out math equations using the 6 numbers only once per equation to try and reach as close to the target number, if not exactly hitting the target number. To earn points, you must be +/- 10 from the target number.

Other useful commands:

  • Countdown autoplay – Turns on and off games starting automatically after one ends
  • Countdown scores – Shows the score of the top 10 players
  • Countdown toggle – Changes game from easy mode (120 seconds games) vs. hard mode (80 seconds game)
  • Countdown total – Shows the total games you’ve played and your score