Who can be a part of Gamerz Elite:

We do not have any current open positions in our staff team, while this is the current situation that does not mean that it can not change in the near future.

We do however welcome all people to join us in our chat and make the Gamerz Elite Community a much wider and diverse place for all people, while also encouraging you to invite like minded friends and relatives who are friendly and welcoming to join in this amazing experience with us. What you end up getting out of Gamerz Elite is as much as you put in to it. So if you are looking for a semi social time then you will get back a semi social time.


Looking for artwork to be created:

In Gamerz Elite we have a few talented artists in our member and one in our staff team. So drop in to our Discord and ask about getting your idea’s into pieces of awesome artwork. This includes and not limited to Twitch Emotes, Banners and Avatars.